Les passeurs

Where are the « PATHFINDERS » ?

« The perpetually moving skies teach us a life lesson. They are incessantly altering their shape, forever drawing towards perfection. A constant movement of shapes and colours imbued with lightness or heaviness, of thick, oily or ethereal textures and of icy or warm light, they symbolise life, the world’s continued existence… with or without humanity.

The sky elevates us; earth is our substance, from which we are made and that sustains us.

I believe that the vision of the 17th Century Dutch painters manifested a keener appreciation of the importance of the sky, which is, by nature, spiritual. Today, however, contemporary painters rarely represent the heavens. A new harmony is called for; meaning descends from above, reversing the conceptual relationship between Spirituality and Materialism. In order to create this new reality in which humanity will recover a harmonious sense of place, we must afford their proper place to the observers – artists, poets, writers, philosophers, theologians, sculptors, musicians, shamans… who are imbued with a spiritual perception of the world. »

Let us reinvent Humanity’s place in the Universe!

Let us reinvent society’s creative function by drawing on spirituality. Such is the existential challenge facing humanity in the 21st Century.

In CHAOS, Humanity should be capable of better reinventing itself.

For such is the paradox of matter. We must wrench ourselves away from CHAOS while never being able or willing to reject it. Humanity, in its essence, is also made of the primordial CHAOS.

This state of affairs must be dealt with as best it may.

Immanent CHAOS, intrinsic to human nature, in its very flesh!

But will Humanity prove capable of elevating itself, of rising up to the sky, to become assimilated, to suffer… et from there, to transform itself?

Should we not free ourselves from matter by reducing it to the essential?

« Today, there is a clear perception that the answer to Humanity’s true needs is rooted in Spirituality. We must now conform our actions to our beliefs. »

Is not our constant state of material need the manifestation of our inability to love, to know how to give and receive?

What we all experience, in the course of our daily lives, seems to be nothing but the reflection of a real need for love.

Coexistence of creations and the mysteries of parallel timeframes

« A cold perception of my paintings might lead one to think there were four or five different painters.

Such is not the case. These different styles are created simultaneously, in no specific chronological order, because they are the manifestation of a reality that exhibits possible, simultaneous universes, which become reality from the moment they are imagined.

The painter is a pathfinder, who sees what others do not or can no longer see, he perceives reality through a prism that is uniquely his.

According to quantum physics, it would seem that there are as many parallel worlds as there are successive moments… and the theory of multiple worlds described by Hugh Everett is one I find particularly attractive. »

Such worlds exist because the painter makes them visible to us.

The physical properties of matter at microscopic level, and especially the change of nature that affects the photon in the presence of an observational apparatus, influence our understanding of the universe. The observer’s gaze, and indeed possibly the artist’s eye, modifies the structure of the world. My paintings thus reveal a true facet of reality, an interpretation or a vision that comes to life out of the colours projected onto the canvas. Reality cannot exist without an observer.

The transposition of this property at macroscopic level implies the existence of an absolute observer beyond our universe – God? For would humanity otherwise exist?

We now understand that another reality exists, that which the « PATHFINDERS » experience and reveal; the eye of the painter, the ear of the musician, the hands of the sculptor, the brain of the philosopher, the voice of the shaman…

We must all work towards a new conception of man’s place in the universe.

Yet today, only economists and the political and financial elite are at work on humanity’s future…

Our fundamental sensory perceptions are expunged from our vision of the world, we cut ourselves off from nature.

It is the world of the “I” valued above the “Self”, the “I” being what I desire and the “Self” being my place in the universe in its ongoing process of creation.

Our ambient CHAOS is out of balance because the “Self” is diminished in favour of the “I”!!

« Individuality now appears to me to be nothing but an illusion. It creates an empty space between us, whereas we are all interconnected, synchronous, agitated atoms belonging to several spaces simultaneously; we are superimposed universes, simultaneously experiencing things that are different… in every sense of the word… with the supreme observer in the world of the beyond… »

There is no longer a universe, but a “multiverse” formed of interplanetary interconnections; time is no longer a journey; in the scale of values, it is concomitant to everything.

At the beginning, at the time of the Big Bang, we were united in a grain of creative energy, and we still are, both one and divisible.

Down to MATTER…

We carry several types of memory: that of bodies, of experiences, of the time of our birth, the memory we carry in our genes… Each of these memories changes and evolves; the act of looking itself changes everything!!

Descend into matter and all that we know disappears! Because it consists solely in relations that transform themselves as soon as we observe them. A scientific dilemma that connects science to faith!

The solid is not solid because the idea of solidity is a mental perception that belongs to a simple universe that is superseded from the very moment we reflect on it.

« I love this world of change, of wandering through an unknown that is both structuring and engaged in a process of perpetual deconstruction… it ceaselessly shapes and reshapes itself in the light of our visions, of our cumulative perceptions, which are immediate, and always perfectly synchronised.

It is stimulating to those who know how to interpret it and humbly place themselves…

Yes, I love this world! It is rich, it is changing, it is beautiful if one wishes it to be or ugly if one does not believe in it.

The “humility” of a mere nothing faced with the infinite, the excitement of Everything in its contrast with nothingness!

It is what we wish it to be, the choice is ours! »


Happiness is within our sight, our grasp, our hearing and our understanding… It is available to all, and the combination of our visions will make it even more accessible.

The universe is but a shadow, that of an eye at a given time; the photon of creation is now present, divisible, and multifaceted. Our tunnel of reality is no more, every one must create their own, and thus contribute to the tangible reality, which, however, does not exist, for no sooner is it imagined than it changes.

Life is a great dream, a magnificent stage play, a beautiful painting, a moving piece of music, a touching sculpture… death no longer exists!

The world in which we live is not an absolute reality. Human beings, however, base their life on the existence of such an absolute, unchanging reality, which, according to the interpretation of current physics does not exist, if we are to consider objectively that we are mere transient energies of the universe.

Space and time are permanently interconnected and fuse with movement.

Thank Heavens.