« I wish to confront man with his failure, his inability to understand that there are spiritual solutions that he is forever destroying, whereas they could enable him to transcend himself, so as to live a life of happiness. »

Contemporary individualism distances us from humanism, from brotherly love, from sharing and from collective responsibility, and casts us out into a cold and disconcerting, dehumanized and directionless world.

« Our retirement homes are antechambers of death preceding the great scrap yard; our cemeteries become soulless waste disposal sites… what has our civilisation come to? »

Today, the spiritual values expressed in philosophy, religion and art are despised, forgetting the fact that every being is a living fragment of the primordial energy.

« My painting of Christ killed on the cross is a cry.

We have not understood Him; he looks down on us with an air of dying hope that is tenderly anxious, seeking in his last breath to find his balance on a silk thread… Man is a failing. The thread may snap at any moment… »


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