The time of CHAOS

The system of values on which our society has built itself over the course of two centuries is swaying. It is devastated by the rise of individualism, the breakdown of the family model, frantic globalization, the looting of natural resources and the planned destruction of nature. Anxiety and incomprehension in the face of scientific progress and the complexity of ethical problems, the distrust of society and its leaders, spread cracks in our « affectio societatis. »

Our society is at the crossroads where its fate will be decided. Human conscience is adrift; humanity is confronted with a sense of generalized distrust and would seem to be living through a period of CHAOS: a loss of moral values, an absence of bearings and of long-term vision, instability and the rapid change of the tools we use in daily life.

We no longer control anything, because everything is happening too fast, sociologically, intellectually and societally. CHAOS is both microscopic, in matter’s deepest core, and macroscopic, at the heart of space.

« In my paintings, I endeavour to produce an intuitive representation of CHAOS: a destructured universe in random motion. Around a well of light, various shapes and energies gravitate at different speeds. Nothing is fixed, there is nothing but a glowing patch of light, a universe of expanding energies…!

My painting expresses itself through an intuition that is not rationalised; it bears witness to a different dimension that is uncertain, probable… a singular feeling of powerlessness that links me to Pascal’s thoughts on human nature. »


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