« I search. I delve and rummage through the gallery of earthly things.

I don’t understand anything anymore, so what’s the point?

Peggy Lee sings: “Is that all there is?”… »

I hear that “among the aborigines, ‘the Dreamtime’ refers to the age that preceded the earth’s creation, a period when everything was spiritual and ethereal.

According to them, the dream still exists and may be reached for spiritual purposes. Through the Dreamtime, it is supposedly possible to communicate with the spirits and to decipher the meaning of life.

Some places have a « dream power » in which the sacred resides. Most aboriginal tribes believe that all life forms – plants, animals and human beings – belong to a vast and complex system of interactions whose origin goes back to the great spirits of the ancestors, in the age of the Dreamtime.

« My painting, at such times, expresses a way of fleeing this CHAOS and the consciously illusory search for a lost paradise, an enchanting DREAM.

One reinvents for oneself an idyllic, mental world, unhurried, intoxicating, slow and heavy, earthy and baroque, colourful, naïve and broad, soothing without even trying to be.

It solves nothing, however, and remains an artificial Eden, an individual mental drug… But what matters is that I am alive, happy to be so and to enjoy the use of my senses weathered by excess and moulded by insouciance and neurotic ecstasies!! »


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